You are not a project, you are a person, with a life, who doesn’t have the time or the space to cope with a situation that is very personal to you.

Perhaps you feel guilty for not being able to commit the time, and you wish you had a trustworthy confidant to see it through to completion.

I see you; you are not alone, and it is my utmost joy to be the person you can trust to guide you from overwhelm, to manageable, to thriving.

Along our journey together, I assure you, I will be flexible and willing to adapt. I’ll wrap my arms around each unexpected situation and take charge, ready to do whatever it takes to creatively come upon the solution. We will find humor in all areas, as it is laughter that eases the uneasy. Above all, we will celebrate, not just at the end, but for each and every thing that goes well.  

This is my promise to you.



About Judy

judyThe middle of 5 children and raised in Iowa by a single mom on welfare, I grew up learning resourcefulness as a means for survival.  As the middle child, I adopted the role of creative problem solver, and my mother’s example of courage gifted me the belief that women are strong and can do anything they put their mind to.  My rough and tumble (yet loved) childhood allowed me to become the confident women I am today.

When I discovered myself pregnant at 19, I had to embrace the same courage as
my mother and rise to the challenge of being a young mother to a beautiful
daughter.  Some of the hardest challenges we face in life bring our most
amazing rewards.

My very first job in high school was working in the kitchen of a nursing home.  I couldn’t wait to move up to the reception desk. Intrigued with the administration office, I loved finding solutions to issues and helping the seniors.

Having a child right after high school catapulted me into the workforce. For a few years I worked as an executive assistant, first in an insurance agency, then in a property management office. Moving on to a telecommunications company, as the company grew, so did I. I advanced to managing the administrations department, overseeing employees.

Putting processes in place to make work more enjoyable, efficient and profitable was exciting to me.

What can I say? I’m a left brainer who finds fun operating like a detective to solve issues, stop the bleeding, find the holes, put out the fires, and find better solutions. My creativity flares when it comes to conceiving new ideas and thinking outside of the box.

But most of all it is my passion to see people for who they truly are, and help them move from powerless to empowered, surviving to thriving, overwhelmed to accomplished, shaky to supported.

As a leader who listens, I am fearless yet gentle, strong yet supple, fierce yet fun, and here, for you, to ease your overwhelm.

If you have a project that needs special care and attention, yet you don’t have the time to commit to it, schedule a complimentary strategy call with me, and we’ll discuss your best path forward.