Office Overhaul Case Study

Key Results:

  • Developed forms and set up processes
  • Increased revenue by tightening up billing practices
  • Cut cost on office expenditures
  • Raised company morale by addressing employee concerns

judy5A Leaky Business
Dr. Williams business struggled.  He was losing money.  He knew things had to change in order for him to be profitable, but he didn’t know how to go about changing them. He lacked the systems and structures necessary for his business to be successful. The company was drowning and, alone, he couldn’t save it.

Starting at the Center

The rehab began at central station. I sat behind the front desk for several days answering phones, and noting the fractures in the system. I observed what was working and what needed to be smoothed out and, from those observations, developed new forms and set up new processes to help the office run more profitably.

Big Changes Ahead

Several large overhauls needed to take place. First, I rearranged the employee workspaces to instill better office flow and accommodate new hires, and purchased used furniture to accommodate the new office plan.

Then, the billing had been outsourced and, as a result, many things fell through the cracks. The solution was to bring it back in house.

With the billing brought in house, I hired an individual to manage it, and also hired a girl to work the front desk on a full time basis instead of the part time patchwork that existed. Accounts receivable had gotten out of control, so I designated an employee to work solely on that. Upon auditing office expenditures, I found ways to cut back on costs. Finally, a health specialist contractor negotiated insurance company agreements, and trained the staff on the new software.

In The Trenches

I did the ugly work, releasing a family member from their front office duties, informing patients who were coming for free that it was no longer available, and holding all employees, including the owner, accountable to the new processes until it became habitual.   I held staff meetings every week ensuring that all voices were heard and validated and everyone knew through open communication that what we were working towards would be a team effort. We discussed any issues that arose over the week, and any changes that would help the system operate more efficiently.  It was important that EVERYONE felt a part of the team.   Finally, I worked with employees who had issues with their pay/benefits. We brainstormed options for them to discuss with Dr. Williams that were a win/win for both parties.

A Rehabilitated Business

Three months later, the business turned around. The employees and Dr. Williams had a clear understanding of the new processes and were all on board with the changes. The employees felt validated as each had a chance to be heard and felt they were a part of the team. Dr. Williams was elated to be at the helm of a profitable and thriving business once again.