Your situation does not fit into a mold, and as such, Judy’s solution is an organic process custom tailored to you and your circumstances.

Whether you’re at a crossroads in your life, are struggling to keep a business afloat, or have an event you want to be beautiful but don’t have the time to organize it, hand it over, she is the solution for you.

If any of these scenarios ring true for you, she can guide you through…

A Family Matter

You are successful and doing an enormous amount of traveling, but your mom has fallen once again and needs to go into an assisted living facility. You feel much sadness as you see her slipping away, and it’s triggering old feelings that you have shoved down. Overwhelmed and having a hard time swallowing your emotions this time around, your soul has come knocking, yet you have firm commitments and feel torn.

You need someone to find a safe, loving place for your mom to live, to arrange and manage the sale of her home, car, and belongings. Someone to organize what items she keeps and what will be sold. You crave a trustworthy soul who will literally move your mom and make sure she feels safe, loved, and comfortable, but have no idea where to begin to look.

A Undissolved Trust

Your brother passes away and you are the trustee of his trust. You have three children, a full time job, a husband, an ill mother-in-law that lives with you, and one more commitment will send the whole thing crashing down. Emotionally fractured after his passing, you find it hard just to make it through the day. You don’t have the time or the capacity to take care of the responsibilities of a trustee.

Your brother was divorced and has three children that count on his financial support. He was extremely successful and had several properties full of personal items that fall to you to manage. Your heavy heart weighs you down and you wish someone could take over the details for you. However, it can’t be just anyone. It must be someone who respects this situation and will execute the project with the same love and compassion as you would, if you had the emotional strength and time, but you can’t think where to find them.

A Small Biz Overhaul

Your small business is struggling. You are an inspired doctor or healer, but running a business is not your strength. You see some of the issues, but you have no idea how to fix them, nor do you have the time. You are living your passion of helping others and you love what you do, however, the nitty gritty of running the office is not your forte, and you can hardly admit you’re falling out of love with your business.

You need someone with a take charge attitude who will come in your office, roll up their sleeves, put on their detective hat to find the issues, stop the bleeding, put out the fires, find solutions and set up the systems to help ease the flow of work, so that business becomes fun again.You need someone to create the structure and balance in the front office, while you do what you do best, provide excellent service in the back office.

An Inspired Event

You are judy3planning a weekend retreat for a group of women who come to awaken their soul. As host of the annual event, you are great at presenting and speaking to your international audience, however you do not excel nor do you have the time to plan the entire event.

You need someone who will command the details and work within your budget to create a beautiful experience for the attendees who are looking for an opportunity to connect, not only with you, but with other like minded participants. It’s difficult to find an event planner who has unbreakable focus over details and execution, but who also understands you and your community and you’re tired of looking.

Organizing Finances and Money Mastery

You’ve been married for a long time, and your partner has either passed away or you are getting a divorce. Not only are you overwhelmed with grief, but your partner has always taken care of the finances in your home and you have no clue how to manage your household!

You feel vulnerable and frightened. You need a trustworthy confident to handle your personal information, sort through the paperwork, set up a system, and create a spreadsheet that teaches and empowers you to run your household efficiently and in a way that works within your particular needs. You’ve never heard of someone who does this, and you don’t know where to look.   divider1 Frankly, organized and detailed people are a dime a dozen. When you work with Judy, you hire a well rounded, fun loving woman who is driven to get things done in a creative, cost effective, and caring way. She greatly respects the value of a dollar and has the heart of a survivor.

Because she only takes on a couple projects at a time, she’s able to have the space to hold your project dear to her as if it were her own.

If you have a project that needs special care and attention, yet you don’t have the time or the energy to commit to it, schedule a complimentary strategy call with Judy. She’ll help you see your best path forward.