Special Event Case Study

Key Results:

  • Planned event that ran seamlessly
  • Stayed on budget and met profit goal
  • Effected participants in a profound way
  • Empowered the teacher to see herself in a new way

Creating With the Master Creator
Mary and I met and decided we were going to stretch her business savvy and create a workshop that would be uplifting and awaken the participants’ souls.   Mary, an inspiring teacher and artist had done many moving and motivating fun classes and workshops, but this needed to be different.  Creating was not her issue, as she is a master creator.  The business side of setting it up is what held her back.

Sharing Our Gifts
We worked together feverishly meeting and brainstorming while enjoying so many laughs together. Mary worked on the curriculum and I worked on all the behind the scene details, from the venues, to the menu, the timetable and all the stuff in-between making sure to keep us on budget.   We were both sharing our gifts with the other, bringing together the perfect balance of left brain analytical strength and right brain creative power.

An Unforgettable Ride
The workshop was a huge success!   We were able to max out the attendance and give the participants an unforgettable experience by energizing and jump starting a new awareness with their soul in a very fun and creative way. divider1