Woman Down Case Study

Key Results:

  • Empowered an individual who was at a crossroads
  • Gathered all information into one place and set-up a clear system
  • Cut household expenses

An End to a Chapter

Sarah had been married for several years.  Her husband had taken care of managing the household and finances.  She had never written a check in her life.  Money management was not her forte.  Sarah and her husband had just separated and she was feeling anger, grief and overwhelmed with all the unknowns.  She didn’t know if her own income was enough to carry her, which frightened her.

Putting the Pieces Together

I started working with her to find all the paperwork necessary to put the puzzle together.  What she didn’t know, I had to figure out.  She had paperwork scattered throughout the house, no obvious system.  I started putting the pieces together to get a picture of what income was coming in and what expenses she had going out.

A Picture is Formed

I created a spreadsheet of the household.  I set-up all expenses on automatic payment to cut down on Sarah’s anxiety.  I looked for ways to save money; auto insurance, homeowners insurance, phone service, etc.  I gathered expiration dates on policies and set-up pass codes on accounts making it easy for Sarah to access information.  I also set up an organized filing system that would be easy for Sarah to understand, follow and access quickly in her home.  I turned everything over to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

Empowering Her

With all the information gathered and organized, I was able to empower Sarah.  I was able to give her a clear picture of her household.  She was able to see her finances clearly.  I showed her how to continue to manage the process.  Sarah finally saw the big picture and felt liberated knowing she could take care of herself.   She learned that what she avoided, understanding finances, was really not that scary. divider1